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Alba Aguanno, RN, BSc.N, LCCE, CLE

Alba Aguanno has been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years and has been teaching prenatal classes since 1992. She has been granted the Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator designation by Lamaze International. Alba has also obtained the designation of Certified Lactation Educator from the Chlidbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA). She has taught for many years for the Durham Region Health Department and for Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Since 2008, Alba has offered prenatal classes at the Lakeridge Health Port Perry hospital. 

 In Fall 2009, The Port Perry Star newspaper published an article on Alba Aguanno's prenatal classes written by David Stell in the paper's  Through Her Eyes supplement.


Our instructors have gathered a long list of endorsements from past students and class organizers. Here are a few recent comments:

“Since joining our team, Alba has demonstrated a high level of competence and skill […] The participant evaluations of her classes have consistently been very positive.”
- Dianne Younker, RN, MScN, Nursing Unit Adminstrator, Mount Sinai Hospital

"We really enjoyed the weekend and found it very helpful. I hope that others
can have the opportunity to attend one of your weekends and feel more
re-assured about the "birthing" process and bringing home baby!  It is far more rewarding then I could have ever imagined!"

- Susan, Kevin, and Hope

“Alba was our prenatal class teacher, and she was excellent. Carolyn and I continue benefit from the lessons she passed along.  […] Thanks for all of the support.”
- David

"Alba exceeded our expectations as an instructor. She kept us attentive throughout the session. Well worth the money!"

"Thank you so much for the helpful Lamaze/prenatal class. I probably couldn't have gone through labour without the useful information you gave us. On Oct 29th I gave birth to the most beaufiful baby girl in the world, weighing in at 8.3 lbs 'sunny side up'. Things are going really well. Breastfeeding successful. The human body truly amazes me after that experience. Thanks again for all your help!"
- K.B.

"She found the breathing exercises you taught very helpful. The baby latched on right after birth so other than being sore things are going well. Thank you for the information."   (H.D.)

"The baby arrived after 9 hours of med-free labour. My wife went through the whole thing with nothing but a birthing ball and 45 minutes of gas before 50 mins of pushing! Thanks so much for all the information and advice in the classes, it  did help in labour and still helps now."  (C.T.)

Samples of feedback from past class evaluation forms include:

  • “Alba was an informed instructor and responded to questions in a very thoughtful manner.”

  • “The Q&A session was very helpful – I loved how the instructor could transition and modify her approach/plan to meet the needs and questions of all of us.”
  • “It was a friendly, comfortable class – I do feel better prepared for both Labour & Delivery and for Postpartum.”
  • "We both enjoyed the classes very much and they helped us to feel more informed on what we are about to experience - highly recommended!"

  • "We loved the small class sizes, like we had for our weekend session."

  • "Very friendly and knowledgeable."

  • "We learned a lot of things we did no know including tips from other couples."

  • "Helpful with any anxieties we had about home care."

  • "I liked the freedom to be yourself and ask as many 'silly' questions as I needed to."

  • "Alba’s humour and straight-forward nature led to an open and comfortable learning environment."

  • "An experienced educator made for better learning."

  • "Very professional and well-prepared."

  • "Very good at facilitating group discussions."

  • "Alba is an exceptional teacher.  Very reassuring, and knowledgeable."

  • "Very knowledgeable.  A great sense of humour."  (S.C. and H.E.)

  • "I do feel better prepared for both labour and delivery and post-partum care. Thank you."

  • "Thank you.  It was helpful to have the repetition and the integration of early parenting tips."

  • "It’s programs like these that really help me to ease my mind."

  • "The classroom session was great.  It was nice to break up the day with the hospital visit."

  • "We are very satisfied with the class and pleased we attended."

  • "I think that my husband found the class very educational."

  • "She knows what is happening, and has a great knowledge of birth."

  • "She is very engaging and sensitive to the individual needs of participants."

  • "Alba is a very good educator.  She answers questions with a lot of knowledge.  She makes the mothers and fathers feel reassured about any insecurities they may have."

  • "Charming, knowledgeable and articulate.  Kept things moving."

  • "Good, concise information.  Funny.  Very well explained."

  • "Very informative.  Personable. Handled questions well and was tolerant of all participants."

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