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Frequently Asked Questions

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When in my pregnancy should I take prenatal classes?
You should take prenatal classes at least one month prior to your due date.  You don’t want to schedule the classes too early because you want to have the material fresh in your mind for your birthing day; however, babies may come early so don’t leave it too long before registering.

How do I choose the right prenatal classes?
Click here to view 8 tips for choosing the right prenatal class.

How can I pay?
Full payment can be made online with a credit or debit card when registering.

What if I cannot complete my classes because I give birth early?
There is no refund for online classes.

I’m expecting my second baby. Why should I take prenatal classes?
Policies and procedures for childbirth may be different in this hospital than where you gave birth last time. Even policies in this hospital change over time. You want to ensure that you have the latest information and are prepared for what you may experience this time you are in labour. Also, medical techniques change over time – if it has been a few years since you last gave birth, there is a good chance that some things may be different in the hospital setting.

How useful are the classes for my partner?
The instructor helps partners understand their role in helping the labouring woman through all stages of labour and through the post-partum period. Partners will be given specific tasks that they can perform and advice on how to cope with the way the new baby will affect their relationship.

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