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Helpful Information

We've gathered together the following information for you to use as a resource in your prenatal and immediate post partum periods. As these are links to external sites and service providers, we will not taking responsibility for their services -- we are simply providing this as an information resource only.



Useful Documents

Family Centred Care Parent Book – This 120+ page guide was developed by the Maternal Newborn Program at Lakeridge Health. It describes the hospital’s relevant procedures before, during, and after birth. Information includes genetic counseling, infant care, how to care for the perineal area, how to care for stitches, post partum blues, how to use a breast pump, and much more. Downloadable in Adobe PDF format.

Healthy Birth Your Way: 6 Steps to a Safer Birth – This is a wonderful 18-page booklet produced by InJoy Birth and Parenting Education. Here it is downloadable in Adobe PDF format.

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